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Winter is coming – Light up your home!

At Grey Goose Living, we know exactly what lighting can do for a room!

Decorative lighting is what makes or breaks a space. It is a reflection of your personality turned into design. It is believed to be one of the most important elements in any space and is the mood-setter in a room. With our fabulous range of table and floor lamps, we invite you to begin your search for the perfect light to illuminate your interior within this post…


Every room should have considered sources of light at different levels. These should include task lighting, accent lighting as well as general lighting to enhance the space. Draw a simple plan of the room and mark where you need lighting, highlighting areas which need more visibility, are used most often or need decorative consideration.

Table and floor lamps are not just functional but also a vital accessory in every room. Consider the design when choosing your lamp as it should complement the décor of the room. Bear in mind the key colours used in the room, as this will help to determine which style of lighting will best work with the colour scheme.



What if you’re choosing lamps for a small room where space is restricted?  If a room is small but you’re looking for a statement piece then large floor lamps can be positioned beside armchairs and coffee tables to generate that essential punch of light.